Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Contribution To Finding Treatment For Sleep Apnea

Good sleep is critical to ensuring that one leads a healthy and fulfilling life. However, some people have sleep apnea, a condition that distorts the sleeping patterns of an individual. A few decades ago, little was understood about this condition and how it affects its victims. Today, medical professionals know a lot about the condition, thanks to the works of experts such as Dr. Avi Weisfogel. Studies conducted by Dr. Avi have highlighted the urgency to find treatment for the condition and enable the patients to lead healthy lives.

According to Dr. Avi, the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, almost 90% of individuals suffering from sleep apnea are yet to be diagnosed with the condition. This has seen the professionally trained dentist work harder to inform the public of the condition and make individuals with the ailment visit the nearest healthcare facility. Using Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Avi has created a system that is made up of primary and secondary care physicians. The network makes it easy for patients to locate sleep apnea doctors who are near them and receive help at minimal costs.

Sleep apnea patients can also receive help from dentists who have been trained to provide clinical support. This extensive network of physicians can improve the medical professionals’ understanding of sleep apnea. Through the team, data is collected and various treatment methods are tested to establish the best practices. The results are shared to ensure that all patients can enjoy better treatments. Individuals with sleep apnea lead uncomfortable lives with some people waking up around 30 times a night.


About Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and sleep apnea expert. He has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea. Over the years, he has been teaching other medical professionals through Dental Sleep Masters, which is his organization. Through the organization, other medical professionals can learn how to identify sleep apnea patients and treat them.

Weisfogel has two academic degrees. He holds a degree in biology and psychology from the esteemed Rutgers University. In addition, he graduated with a degree in dentistry from the prestigious New York University. Previously, he worked for Old Bridge Dental Care as a dentist before starting his own practice. In the recent years, he has been channeling his efforts towards finding treatment for sleep apnea.

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Keith Mann: an Impressive Career Profile

Keith Mann is a shrewd hedge fund staffing professional and philanthropist. He is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners and holds the position of Managing Director. Dynamics Search Partners is a recognized hedge fund service committed to identifying and hiring qualified staffs on behalf of major firms in the hedge fund sector. Under the Mann’s proactive management style, the company has undergone a fast-paced growth and formed relationships with premier equity firms across the hedge fund industry.


Business career


 Keith Mann started his professional business career as the head of the Alternative Investment Division of Dynamic Associates. He channeled his energy and time towards turning Dynamic Search Partners into a globally loved firm. Mann’s hard work and commitment paid off, and Mann rose to the top of the company’s management level. As the Vice President, he focused on conducting market research, identifying new opportunities, and tapping into them.


In 2001, Mann incepted Dynamic Search Partners with an objective of offering revolutionary staffing solutions to major firms in hedge fund industry. Since then, the company has played an instrumental role in filling of over 2,000 customer mandates. It has expanded its portfolio of services outside staffing investment positions. For instance, the firm is nowadays recognized as one the most accomplished databases of investment professionals in the nation.


Philanthropic endeavors


Keith Mann is a famous name in the world of charitable giving and provision of philanthropic support to community-based organizations. Uncommon Schools have benefited from his back-to-back donations. For example, he pulled off a successful fundraising event, which saw the professionals in the financial service sector and other donors raise more than $22,000. The Uncommon Schools used the money raised to fund students, who tested for the 2014-2015 academic year.


Keith Mann and Keely Mann (his wife) are supporting NYPD for the roles it plays in restoring peace and order. The couple sent lunch to the 54th Street police division to promote moral instead of focusing on the negativity associated with the force. Keith Mann is personally connected to NYPD since his wife’s uncle is a detective. Mann has sent lunch twice to the 54th Street division: early January and February 9.

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FreedomPop Users Can Now Enjoy Using Any Unlocked Sim Based Phone

It’s always in the best interest of any customer to do a review of FreedomPop if they want to know anything about the company. Reading through a complete FreedomPop review will also reveal to the potential customer what they have to look forward to when they join the FreedomPop family. Those that are looking for cell phone service can start by choosing a phone to use on the FreedomPop network. FreedomPop is one of the few companies out there that take both CDMA phones as well as GSM phones, which means almost any type of phone will work on their network.

The only restrictions with CDMA phones used on the FreedomPop network is that they must be Sprint phones. The GSM phones have to be network unlocked to work with FreedomPop, or it’s possible to purchase a cell phone directly from FreedomPop on their website or in a retail location. Those that want to purchase a cell phone have a lot of different phones to choose from because FreedomPop carries over three dozen different phones. Tablets are also sold by FreedomPop, which can be used on the network for Internet access and more.

Those who want to use an unlocked GSM phone will need to purchase the 3-in1 sim card from FreedomPop. The sim card is easy to use and can fit any sized sim slot in any phone by removing the right size sim from the 3-in1 sim card. Once the sim card is activated, the GSM phone can be used anywhere in the USA as well as in 25 other countries in the world. The sim card only costs $4.99 but is valued at $15 and sometimes goes on sale for an incredibly low $0.99. Learn more: http://www.pcmag.com/review/348138/freedompop-supernova-655

Those who are using a sim card from FreedomPop will get a lot of benefits because no roaming charges will apply when the phone is used in the 25 different countries that FreedomPop users have cell phone coverage. Anyone who’s looking for international calling plans can also set up the plan on their cell phones, even if they have a CDMA phone. The different cell phone plans that FreedomPop has ranges in price, but there is also a free cell phone plan, as well as an unlimited cell phone plan, which only costs $19.99. FreedomPop can accommodate almost every customer that has a need for cell phone usage and other services.

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WEN by Chaz Dean Pioneering the Hair Industry Through their Cleansing Conditioner

Hair is a woman’s great beauty weapon. And it must be treated as so. That is why you will always find beauty stores filled with women, looking for products to make their hair vibrant. It is in a similar search that one Emily McClure landed on Wen By Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) Cleansing Conditioner. She takes us through a week of using WEN Hair cleansing conditioner and the tremendous results that she achieved.

On day one, though she was a bit skeptical of the large amount recommended to use on her hair, she was realizing results within minutes. First, her hair that normally heavily fell off while showering, didn’t break as much. Also, after massaging her hair with the conditioner, she realized that her hair was already gaining bulk. Also, after drying her hair she noticed that it had already gotten a shine.

She repeated the same routine on the second and third day and thankfully got the same glam results. She even tried mixing it up with styling products to see how they interacted, and McClure confesses that the results couldn’t have been better.

The rest of the days were the same, using the Guthy-Renker produced WEN cleansing conditioner and achieving the same great results. By the sixth day, her friend were already noticing and commending her on her hair shine. MacClure advocates for the product but advises it be used in the mornings to achieve greater results, lasting the whole day.

About Wen by Chaz Dean

Wen hair by Chaz Dean is one of the leading hair product brand. The brand has cleansing treatments, cleansing conditioners, Texturing treatment sprays and creams. Their cleansing conditioner is one of the bestselling product. It has the benefits of a detangler, shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. Therefore by getting one, you will not have to waste money on purchasing the other four hair products. For more info, visit the Wen hair Facebook page.


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Dr. Walden Returns Back To Her Texas Roots

Texas in one of the largest states in the entire country. This part of the world is one where great open spaces are the norm and friendly people abound. Those who grow up here find it an ideal place to stay and grow. Someone who knows this area quite well is one of the best doctors in the entire nation.Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastics surgery specialist who has a list of long and happy satisfied clients. She knows that her clients in the area rely on her for help with their medical problems. This is a state she loves and adores, and a state that she has made her own, to the delight of her patients and her family.


A Proud Native


As a proud native of Austin, Walden grew up in the region, spending hours playing outside in the sunshine and being part of a loving family. Her father is a medical professional who cares a lot about his own patients. He has shown his daughter how it is possible to strive for excellence in the world and consistently achieve it. Watching him closely taught her that she could also make this field her own and be part of a healing profession that helps make people happy and offer them solutions to their physical problems. She decided to attend the University of Texas and earned a degree in biology. She also decided that medical school was to be hers as well. Despite being wait-listed, she graduated second in her class, aiming for a career in plastics.


Being At Home


After completing her education, she returned home to Austin to open a practice in the region. She and her twin boys have settled for good in the area, happy to be part of a community of people in the area who enjoy the many pleasantries that Texas has to offer their residents. Her work in this area has also helped bring her enormous renown, enabling her to be named one of the best plastic surgeons in the entire country for her caring and her impressive skills in plastics.

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A Solution for Growth to Every Small and Medium-Sized Business

Small and medium-sized businesses can leverage the extensive resources of digital marketing agencies to their advantage, and grow their enterprises. Nonetheless, one similar agency which seems to appeal the most to the majority of small and medium enterprises is White Shark Media. The company maintains its position on top of the competition by designing and restructuring online marketing solutions that are concisely tailored to the needs of every client. With innovative solutions and a team of over-qualified professionals, the company has been able to receive acknowledgment for being among the fastest growing digital agencies in North America.


Millions of companies have taken advantage of the many online marketing tactics that White Shark Media has to offer, and the results are simply outstanding. In addition to helping businesses expand their operations on a global scale, the company also monitors all marketing efforts previously made by their clients in very precise detail. Every asset that the company has is at the disposal of their clients in ensuring that all their resources and capital invested do not go to waste.


By maintaining a friendly yet formal engagement with their clients, White Shark Media ensures that it can remain on top of the competition. One of their core values simply states that they are not in the business of SEM, rather they are in the business of offering service to their clientele. To guarantee a world-class level of service, the company incorporates a great deal of work, analysis, and research in all their methods. This, however, does not bring the desired results without constant interactions with the clients, so as to maintain a level of understanding between both White Shark Media and its customers.


To ensure that the company’s staff is actively involved with their clients’ welfare, the company acts as a beneficiary or a stakeholder in their clients’ businesses. A lot of time and money goes into utilizing the services of White Shark Media. Thus the company ensures that there are no losses made on its part by delivering the desired results. This level of trust is what makes White Shark Media retain all their clients and still dominate in the digital marketing arena.


Nevertheless, it is vital to note that with the consistent emergence of trends and changes that come along with the growing industry, it might get tough for a digital marketing agency that isn’t flexible enough. However, by promoting innovation and embracing these changes, White Shark Media can overcome this obstacle. This clearly explains another one of the many company’s attributes that are flexibility.

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Brian Bonar Named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of Year in Finance

Recently Brian Bonar was named the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance. The Cambridge Who’s Who executive award is a highly respected award that is recognized in the business community as a special honor. Winners of the Cambridge Who’s Who executive award must meet high standards to be considered for the award and must meet the approval of the Cambridge Who’s Who committee to become an award winner.

Brian Bonar is the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. As the head man at the company, Brian Bonar has built a solid reputation in the business community as a first rate business leader. His resume includes an array of accomplishments as the chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

The time that Mr. Bonar has served as the management leader at the company has proven to be a successful time period for the company. Mr. Bonar has many qualities that are on display as the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Many of these qualities are part of the reason why he was selected as the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year in Finance.

The committee that determines the individuals who win the Cambridge Who’s Who executive awards consider multiple qualities in relation to selecting the award winners. Some of the qualities that are considered by the committee include leadership skills, educational background, business accomplishments, and management.

Brian Bonar has shown that he has many of the qualities that the Cambridge Who’s Who committee looks for when determining Cambridge Who’s Who Executives of The Year in Finance. Brian Bonar is well educated. He has earned a Ph.D.. In addition, he has professional affiliations such as the American Finance Association. Also, Mr. Bonar has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and has a proven track record as an executive.

Brian Bonar has almost 30 years of experience in the financial sector. As the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar makes the final decisions regarding many aspects of the company. His decisions determine the direction of the company, and he has made the company a recognizable name in the business world.

Dalrada Financial Corporation supplies services to companies in the PEO realm. The services are centered around employee programs that are designed to improve business efficiency. The programs are related to financial management, risk management insurance, employee benefits, and management services

Brian Bonar has a proven record of accomplishments as an executive. He has shown himself to be an executive that is very capable. In addition, Brian Bonar is a hard worker who cares about the people who work for him. Mr. Bonar believes in the community, and he wants to improve the community for everyone.

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M&A Advisor Proposes Madison Street Capital as a Competitor of its 15th Annual Award.

The M&A Advisor recently selected companies that will be participating in the 15th Edition of the Annual M&A Advisor Award. The organization was established in 1998, and it has been committed to offering insights and information on various undertakings of firms that are associated with M&A Transactions. It named Madison Street Capital as one of the companies will take part in the award. Enterprises that are involved in the financial sector greatly appreciate being acknowledged by the M&A Advisor since the honor shows that they have accomplished a lot. It recognizes businesses that have been successful in completing deals, facilitating, financing, and inputs in the industry.

Madison Street Capital is glad to announce that it will be competing for two awards. The first honor is the Industrial Transaction of the Year, and it was nominated to be among the contestants because of its input in the purchase of the Acuna & Asociados S.A by Dowco. The outstanding transaction attracted the attention of various parties are involved in the finance industry, and it was supervised by Madison Street Capital’s senior managing director, Karl D’Cunha. The other designation that the company will be contesting for is the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year-International.

Charles Botchway, who serves Madison Street Capital as its chief executive officer, said that he greatly appreciates that his company has been recognized for its efforts in assisting the Dowco to acquire Acuna & Asociados S.A. Dowco has been a client of the firm for a couple of years. Charles also believes that the nominations Madison Street Capital to the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year- International Award is significant, and he also feels that it is a great honor to the company. The staff members that are in charge of making deals for the enterprise have been working hard to inform the clients about the new business that are coming up across the world and have the potential of making them prosperous. Mr. D’Cunha also expressed his joy that his team had been recognized for conducting a successful transaction. The awards gala will be held by the M&A Advisor on 9th November 2016, and the venue will be at the New York Athletic Club. More information about the award can be accessed on benzinga.com.

Madison Street Capital is a multinational company that primarily offers investment banking services. The firm has created policies that it uses in providing it solutions, and they include leadership, service, and distinction. The services of Madison Street Capital are planning for investments, financial guidance, and business valuation. The company facilitates its customers to be prosperous in various markets that they are involved with across the world. It also has an efficient customer service that considerably helps in gaining the trust of the clients.

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Voice Recognition to Stop Criminal Activity

It is no secret that law enforcement and the correctional system have a hard task that they face day in and day out. Catching and understanding criminals is ever changing and catching potential and present law breakers proves to be harder than they would like. This is where Securus Technologies comes in.


Securus Technologies is a company that is based out of Dallas, Texas. In their business, they work with law enforcement and correctional facilities all across North America. They are constantly developing new technologies to help aid them in their jobs.


Their most recent development was a type of voice recognition software. This software works with the phone lines that go into and out of the prison system. The software will record the voices on these phone lines. The software will also recognize these recorded voices when they are made again at another time during a phone call.


This software has many advantages. Certain voices can be picked out and monitored. The information gathered from these calls can be invaluable. Gang activity can be tracked, potential criminal acts can be discussed, crucial information about crimes or potential crimes can be received. That is just the start of what this technology can do.


In its most basic terms, law enforcement has a tough job. With technology such as what Securus Technologies is offering can help law enforcement officials out in a way that is second to none. Every advantage is a plus and this voice recognition software is a huge advancement in the right direction.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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The Importance of Using Organic Lip Balms

There are countless of reasons to go organic. This doesn’t apply to just the food you eat, but what you apply to your skin as well. Non-organic products are chock full of nasty chemicals and pesticides. Putting these on your skin can wreak havoc on your health, especially if they are hidden in your lip products with the potential of being swallowed.

Pesticides have been linked to a number of health issues, such as cancers, ADHD, Alzheimer’s Disease and birth defects. Short term complications include migraines and nausea. These toxins may also cause reproductive health issues and may impact the nervous system. Lip balms containing these dangerous ingredients do not belong on children or adults.

If you have made an effort to eat organic and non-gmo food, you may have overlooked that these dangerous chemicals may be hiding in your lip balms. Many popular lip balm products do not use organic and natural ingredients and are often cheap to formulate.

The Evolution of Smooth uses ingredients that are 95% organic. This is great news because this may indicate that the active ingredients are more powerful and nutrient dense, such as the olive and coconut oils used in the formulas. These organic oils can deliver more vitamins and minerals to the lips for healthier, younger looking skin.

EOS lip balms are also 100% natural and are great for the environment. They are also formulated with natural plants oils for moisturizing properties instead of using a petroleum base. Many lip balm companies, such as ChapStick, use petroleum as the main ingredient in their lip product. However, petroleum is inorganic, unnatural and can be dangerous to your health.  EOS lip balm products are sold on Ulta and local retail stores like Walmart.

The bottom line is that organic should always be your top option. Hazardous chemicals do not belong in the environment or on our lips. For more info, visit the company’s Linked In page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eos-products-evolution-of-smooth-


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