The Importance of Using Organic Lip Balms

There are countless of reasons to go organic. This doesn’t apply to just the food you eat, but what you apply to your skin as well. Non-organic products are chock full of nasty chemicals and pesticides. Putting these on your skin can wreak havoc on your health, especially if they are hidden in your lip products with the potential of being swallowed.

Pesticides have been linked to a number of health issues, such as cancers, ADHD, Alzheimer’s Disease and birth defects. Short term complications include migraines and nausea. These toxins may also cause reproductive health issues and may impact the nervous system. Lip balms containing these dangerous ingredients do not belong on children or adults.

If you have made an effort to eat organic and non-gmo food, you may have overlooked that these dangerous chemicals may be hiding in your lip balms. Many popular lip balm products do not use organic and natural ingredients and are often cheap to formulate.

The Evolution of Smooth uses ingredients that are 95% organic. This is great news because this may indicate that the active ingredients are more powerful and nutrient dense, such as the olive and coconut oils used in the formulas. These organic oils can deliver more vitamins and minerals to the lips for healthier, younger looking skin.

EOS lip balms are also 100% natural and are great for the environment. They are also formulated with natural plants oils for moisturizing properties instead of using a petroleum base. Many lip balm companies, such as ChapStick, use petroleum as the main ingredient in their lip product. However, petroleum is inorganic, unnatural and can be dangerous to your health.  EOS lip balm products are sold on Ulta and local retail stores like Walmart.

The bottom line is that organic should always be your top option. Hazardous chemicals do not belong in the environment or on our lips. For more info, visit the company’s Linked In page:


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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Eye on Politics

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Venezuelan agricultural entrepreneur, and former president of Fedecamaras turned politician. With a successful career in agriculture, he entered politics on a high note where he served in the national assembly. With his fiery fight, he rose to become the deputy of the national assembly in the state of Guarico. However, he did not serve long due to internal party disputes.

He also served in the Federation of the Chamber of Commerce due to his expansive business experience. Growing in a small rural town, Jose Manuel Gonzalez grew in the agricultural rich countryside, which persuaded him to invest in agriculture. Though not much is said about his young life, he has a wealth of experience where he worked in various sectors.

His strong roots in the agricultural sector, he is quick to note the downfall of this important industry in Venezuela. Therefore, his success in the agricultural sector makes him stand out as an attractive choice in politics. With the vast resources that Venezuela holds, he believes that its people should not be poor. Other stakeholders such as the United States also acknowledge these sentiments.

Gonzalez’s political interests rose with the deterioration of the agricultural sector because he felt that agriculture held tremendous potential. There are observable facts such as severe food shortages in his state that has led to his increased government criticism. From this opinion that he has pushed for political change to take charge of the agricultural sector. To this effect, he decries the wastages he has experienced in the industry based on his experience.

Based on this, he has risen as a government critic with the many imbalances observable in the government. In particular, he points out the false as well as absurd measures that cannot salvage Venezuela’s economic problems. From this background that Speculators indicate that his experience mandates him to take up the reigns of Venezuela’s leadership.

As a rising star in Venezuelan politics, Gonzalez commands huge influence with many pushing for his political endorsement. Speculators also indicate the record set in his short political stint and business is enough for a bigger position. With these and many more successes attributable to Gonzalez, he stands a chance for major huge tasks ahead.

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A Lovaganza Announcement: 2020 Is The New Main Event Date

Lovaganza has been building global participation for at least four years now. For those adroit enough to do their research, the website which usually announces updates ( has a copyright of 2012. That’s the year they went public, though it indicates much more planning necessarily went into Lovaganza previously. The initial release date of the project was 2015, but as technology developed, it became apparent to the event’s developers that it would be better to suspend release and apply the improved technology. recently reported that the new release date is 2020, which is only four years away. In the meantime, Lovaganza plans on releasing three of its planned nine films over the next several years. Starting in 2017, a film will be released annually and displayed via the Lovaganza convoy.

The Lovaganza convoy sort of demonstrates what Lovaganza is all about. Lovaganza’s kind of Bohemian celebration of music, dance, arts, and culture from around the world. The idea is to facilitate unity by evoking emotional responses centered in those areas of life which all people find integral. To that end, the nine films will showcase themes of romance, comedy, drama, suspense, adventure, thrills, and more.

Lovaganza’s films will be played with a new three dimensional technology that doesn’t require glasses to experience. Called IMMERSCOPE, the technology instead utilizes a one hundred and eighty degree screen. This truly pulls viewers into the experience unlike any other 3D method before it. Imagine being able to watch a Shakespearean play with the backdrop of Hollywood’s most special-effect heavy blockbuster. That’s some small insight into the Lovaganza experience–but it gets deeper. Lovaganza isn’t just about special effects and flashy lights; it’s also about projecting a message of unity. To that end, this 3D technology will be used to showcase a story like nothing before it ever has.

The main Lovaganza event on Tumblr that comes in 2020 will take place for four months. It will take place simultaneously in eight separate locations across the planet. Each of these locations has been strategically chosen to be near a population center. Locations include areas in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, Europe, and America.

With such ambition, the main Lovaganza event in 2020 is set to be one of the most groundbreaking theatrical experiences of any generation. With years of preparation and a solid passion undergirding all actions, the final result of Lovaganza will certainly be remarkable.

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Gooee Smart Lighting is Convenient

The Gooee Smart Lighting is the type of lighting that has become essential to businesses and homes in this day and age. There are a whole lot of people that are taking interest in the Gooee Smart Lighting because it is so cost efficient.

When people initially get this type of lighting installed it will cost more than a traditional lighting system, but the savings are unbelievable. In the long run people are going to discover that there is a lot of money that can be saved if people take the time to actually implement the Gooee Smart Lighting into their homes and businesses. This type of smart technology can be used in all types of ways. Some people will take the time to get their lighting set up for remote access. They will be able to get their lights working at specific times. They can turn on lights and turn things off remotely or set everything on a timer.

The Gooee Smart Lighting is one of the best lighting innovations because it gives people a chance to be in greater control of their homes and businesses. There are times when people may forget about the lights as they rush from there homes. It is going to be much easier to have a lighting system that will give homeowners the ability to adjust the lights throughout the home regardless of where they are. The thing that people will notice the most is that Gooee has made life much more convenient.

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Secures ConnectUs Application Saves Time

Securus has been providing inmate communication services all over North America for a long time. The technology company offers technology solutions to prisons in North America. The company is trending for all the right reasons. Securus Technologies has been all over the news after the announcement made on August 6th.

Development of a new application

The company’s vice president of marketing and strategy made an announcement about its new application. Russell Roberts explained that ConnectUs application is an example of the company’s modernization and its commitment towards offering quality and user-friendly services to its clients.

The upside of the ConnectUs application

Note that prisons use paper forms to respond to inmate requests like acceptance forms, grievance forms, medical forms, and sign up forms. In the past employees spent a lot of valuable time distributing, routing, copying, collecting, archiving, logging, responding, and storing paper forms. However, the electronic forms will save 65% of time corrections staff spent over paper forms.

The other upside of the application is that the officials of correctional facilities can easily customize different request types and avail them to prisoners. It is also easy and fast to change a form since you do not need to print it. The ConnectUs application is an evidence of technological modernization since it transforms manual paperwork to digital automation.

So far clients have given positive reviews. They acknowledge that ConnectUs is making a difference in provision of inmate communication and technologies services. Currently, Securus is automating about 13.8 forms on a monthly basis per prisoner.

Prisoners get the chance of reviewing the status of their grievances and forms. Prison staff acknowledges that the application is easy to implement, and it saves on paper costs. It is the best platform in the market since it enables full control over the inmate content and what they can access.

Information about Securus

It is a profit-making inmate communication technologies provider in America. The company was formed in 1986, and it has offices in other regions like Carrollton and Atlanta, Georgia. It has over 1,000 employees. For more information, visit here.

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Evaluating the High Claims of WEN by Chaz

Taking care of your hair is a top priority for almost everyone. As important as it is, finding the right shampoo or conditioner can be confusing. With so many options, choosing the right one is not always easy. Furthermore many or these products make claims of greatness. Blogger Emily McClure recently tested out the Cleansing Conditioner from WEN by Chaz Dean []. McClure put the product through a tough seven day test and came out with some very interesting results.
McClure is a busy woman and decided to begin her seven day test after a long day of work. Her greasy hair was immediately put to the test. Using a large amount of product, McClure was surprised to learn that the Wen hair by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner appeared to live up to it’s hype. After seven days of use her results were quite pleasing. Her only slight draw back was that she needed to use the product pretty much daily to get the desired results. Her conclusion was: This product is great for those who can use it often, and not so great for the busy or lazy person.

WEN by Chaz has been making a name for itself for years. Their products have been used by millions of people across the globe. They have served several Hollywood celebrities over their existence. They are a company that takes great pride in the products they put out for their customers. With such a great track record, WEN by Chaz figures to be around for many more years to come. Wen hair products are Sephora available and can also be purchased online through Ebay.

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How Sanjay Shah Conducts Campaigns Against Autism.

The month of creating awareness on the autism disorder in Dubai started in 2nd April. There were various events to campaign against the neurodevelopmental disease, and one of them was the Autism Rock’s annual concert. It was conducted on 1st April, and the admission fee was Dh 50. The gig was a family event, and it featured various fun activities such as face painting, zip line, crazy golf, inflatable rides, horse rides, laser tag, bouncy castle, and barbecue. The leading musicians who performed at the event were Tyga and Florida, and they were considered because they are influential to the young generation.


Autism Rocks was created by Usha and Sanjay Shah Denmark who live in Dubai, and its primary aim is to inform the public about autism and to assist in raising money to help in conducting research on the disease. The couple formed the organization because they wanted to change how the society feels about people who have autism. According to Shah, the formation of the charity organization was inspired by their last born son, who suffers from the disease. Autism does not have a cure and its cause has not been determined by researchers.


The Autism Rocks charity started in 2014, and it has been holding music concerts every year to help in raising money for its operations. To date, it has garnered 600,000 pounds through the aid of famous musicians such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Snoop Dogg, Drake, and Michael Buble. The establishment has been hosting its events in Dubai and London. In the United Kingdom, about one in every 100 people suffers from autism daily, and 2.8 million individuals are affected worldwide.


Sanjay Shah is a well-established tycoon. He made most of his money from his company, Solo Capital Limited, which he started in 2008. The firm is a global financial boutique that was incorporated in September 2011, and its headquarters are in London. The value of the business by the end of March 2015 was 15.45 million pounds in net worth and 67.45 million pounds assets.


 Sanjay’s career began as a doctor, but he did not have the passion to practice medicine. He switched to work as an accountant in various investment banks in North London, but he quit his career after he was sucked when the firm he worked for was undergoing a financial crisis. Mr. Shah then started Solo Capital Limited, and he is currently worth millions of dollars. He owns private offices in London and Dubai.

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Maybe A New Resident Can Find A House Through TOWN Residential

There will be people moving into New York because of some of the largest new real estate developments in the city. These developments are going to create jobs and investment opportunities for people who come to the area, and they have to find places to live when they get to the city. Someone who wants to get a new house in the city will do well with TOWN Residential, and they can get a house that has been wanted by so many for so long.

TOWN Residential keeps up with all the different kinds of NYC real estate figures for the area, and that helps them know where people should be placed when they get to the city. They are watching prices so that they know how much every house costs, and they have the best kind of information on every house’s history. This makes the houses more exciting to look at, and it makes the houses more fun to view.

Everyone who comes to TOWN Residential looking for a house will learn a lot about each house before they buy, and they will get a chance to talk to someone who has been working on that house for a long time. They might even get to meet the owner as they walk through the house. It is a good way to buy, and it is a very easy way to learn about houses so that they are not just pieces of property.

TOWN Residential wants to make sure that they can give their clients good customer service, and they will share information that customers cannot find on their own. Every customer gets the chance to see a nice house, and they can make an offer that is competitive. They will have a chance to live near a new real estate development, in a new neighborhood and close to where they have always wanted to live.

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Deputy José Manuel González Wants The Presidential Recall Petition Process To Continue

José Manuel González, the former president of the Caracas Chamber of Commerce and the current Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico is sick and tired of trying to get a national agreement in place that could stop President Nicholas Maduro from completely destroying the economy of Venezuela. Maduro, the hand-picked successor of Hugo Chavez, has managed to turn Venezuela into a shadow of its former self. When Chavez was president, the country was riding high thanks to the richest oil reserves in the world, but that started to change when the price of crude dropped. Maduro, a former bus driver, and union leader was unequipped to handle the huge reduction in cash flow. Chavez spent most of the countries reserves on programs to help the people. Maduro began to put policies in place that closed or confiscated businesses, reduced government employee work hours and closed shopping malls. Food, medical supplies, clean water, and electricity, were running low, and Maduro had no rational plan to pull the country out of its economic tailspin, according to Mr. Jose Manuel González.

González, an agriculture entrepreneur and state assemblymen tried to make the necessary policy changes through the normal political channels, but as González quickly found out, the needs of the people are too important to be left in the hands of politicians. Maduro confiscated farms, and they stopped producing food. Organized crime took over some of the duties that were the government responsibilities because of a lack of funds.

The Maduro government is a socialist dictatorship, and it is not capable of stopping the deterioration of the Venezuelan economy, according to Mr. González. González wants help from other countries, but Maduro refuses any outside help. Instead, more than 100,000 women are crossing the border into Columbia and finding food for their families. Caracas is the most violent city in the world, and it is getting worse. But Maduro continues to reject the petition with millions of signatures that are requesting a recall. But Maduro is using the military and the police to stop the protests, guard the ports, and ration what little food is left in the country.

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Adam Goldenberg Is A Take Charge CEO

Leadership can be very hard to define in the modern world. Today’s world of business is all about being able to demonstrate leadership skills on Anyone who is going to start a company or take charge of an existing company must be able to demonstrate their ability to rush forward and meet the challenges of the market. This is very much the goal of Adam Goldenberg, CEO of one of the world’s leading online retailers. As head of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg knows that it is imperative to demonstrate an understanding of the world of retailing as well as the ability to offer help to his many company employees and global customers.

His World

Adam Goldenberg is someone who brings a lot to any table. He has been highly instrumental in helping JustFab rise to meet the needs of customers both in the United States and those who wish to buy from the company abroad. As a result of his efforts, many customers have come to rely on his judgment when they are looking for the right outfit for their specific plans. Someone who is planning a night on the town can find ideal items for their needs at JustFab as can someone who is just going for a romantic, quiet dinner for two at an elegant, upscale restaurant.

Offering A Vision

Those who work with Goldenberg know that he’s offering them something quite useful in the modern world: a vision. Under his leadership, the company has retained a view of the world that is all about being modern, up to date and in touch with the needs of the contemporary woman and her ever-changing lifestyle. Thanks to Goldenberg’s hard work and ability to reach out to her, his company has seen remarkable growth in the last few years. He knows that he can be there for her when she needs him to be at her side with new and interesting takes on fashion that she really loves.

Looking Forward

As Goldenberg looks forward, he is hopeful about the way that he sees his company going. He knows that it is possible for his skills and the skills of the many employees at his organization to help move the company forward to ever greater heights. He is confident that he and his staffers can be there for those who need them as they march into the next decade of retailing in the online world at

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