Goettl Air Conditioning Performs Good Deed for Struggling Arizona Family

Abana Stephenson and her two teenaged daughters have been without a working heater, air conditioner, and toilet for the last decade. The weather can be brutal where they live, in Los Vegas, and to find respite they would all stay in the middle of the home to help get away from the worst of the heat and cold the outer parts of the home experienced. After hearing of this situation the manager of the local Goettl Air Conditioning office, Michael Gamst, responded with an act of charity by having one of their zone controlled heating and cooling systems installed in the home, as well as a new toilet, free of charge. The zone controlled system can individually heat and cool every room in the home for optimum comfort. Additionally, the employees of Goettl and Triple5teens, a local nonprofit, donated goods to the family. This act of charity caused Stephenson to say that it restored her faith in people.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 and have offices in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tuscon, and Southern California. The company provides full heating, cooling, and plumbing services including the installation and repair of air conditioning units, heating units, duct sealing, and plumbing.

In 2008 Goettl was purchased by ARS/Rescue Rooter, headquartered in Memphis, and has subsidiaries in 25 states and the District of Columbia. After the purchase most of the Goettl staff remained, including the former President Dan Burke. About one year ago Goettle had stopped building air conditioning equipment due to competition with low-cost foreign companies; the Director of Marketing for ARS, Elizabeth Young, has stated that they are looking into restarting the manufacturing of this equipment in order to utilize Goettl’s strong brand name.

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